What a moment for this humble Queen. I was helping a friend install her work and was wandering Aspinwall. I was watching a large chaotic installation take shape and was mesmerised. But there was something familiar, but not completely. Was it the crude mechanics like torture machines? the darkness pierced by projections? the repetitive nature? I met the artist and his daughter.

Later I remembered one of my favourite works at Serendipity Festival 2017 in Goa. I called it the peacock work. It was magnificent. The artist had also installed a coupe of other smaller works and I had photographed his name. I am ashamed to admit am bad with names especially India ones, so I whispered to Shambavi “What was his name?”. “BV Suresh” she replied. BINGO. It was he. I went back to his space and gushed and babbled and ……fangirled. But i forgot to take a selfie. Bad fangirl.

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